About Us


To consistently search for futuristic learning needs, acquire knowledge impating technologies and provide equal opportunities to citizens to evolve as "knowledge powered, technology driver and value guided " global citizens.


To search for and acquire contemporary and state-of-art knowledge bases and humane pedagogy technologies and to deploy best brains so as to evolve intellectual, adaptive and humane personalities capable of creating value in the society.


  1. To provide conducive environment both tangible and intangible.
  2. To inculcate sense of discipline.
  3. To provide opportunity for self-expression and personality growth.
  4. To deploy best and proven faculty not only to teach curriculum but also to share professional and real life experiences and to inspire.
  5. To develop interface with industry and other value creating organizations.
  6. To assist in seizing opportunities for life sustaining and value creating avenues when students exit from college.